Crafty Minions!

We’ve been working madly to prepare for our very first fundraising event!  We will have a table at the very quickly approaching Crafty Minions: The Handmade & Vintage Sale, on August 13th from 11am to 5pm at Aqua Books (274 Garry Street). Admission is free. Come and say hello!

We are so excited to be involved in this sale and to be amongst so many talented and unique local makers.. and in such an inspiring environment!  Other fabulous crafty superstars include: Head in the Oven, Marathon 1981, Lady T. Tees, Julrei, Midkid, Papertrail Craft Co., Mrs. Glockenheimen, Bitchin’ Kitsch ‘n’ Kitchen, Lori’s Vintage Purseonalities, Swai Design, Sew Dandee, CJ Tennant, Boomerang 360, Periwinkle Designs, Monkeys, Monsters and More, Everything Is Ticketyboo, Blackbird Bazaar, Echo Creations, SeaCaps, Papergirl, Just the Goods, and more!

We’re looking for donations of handmade items for this, other upcoming sales and our soon to be operational Etsy page.  If you’d like to get involved by making a donation, please contact us at or simply drop off your donation at 962 Westminster on Monday/Wednesday/Friday between 12-6pm, or Saturday August 13 or 27th between 12-6pm.

Hope to see you there! We can’t wait to meet you in person!





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