Right now our main focus is on fundraising for the festival.  Don’t get us wrong, we have been starting a lot of festival planning, such as spreading the word, looking for a space to use, and planning what will be going on during the festival.  However if we want to get everything going fundraising needs to be our priority.

As previosuly blogged we were part of the Crafty Minions Craft Sale in late summer.  This was our first way of fundrasing and was successful.  We sold a few things, as well of got so many generous donations from our community.

Our next endeavor is being part of the Culture Days Market.  It will be held in Old Market Square here in Winnipeg on October 1st from 11am to 6:30pm.  We are very excited to be part of Culture Days.  The day will be extra exciting because not only will we have a table at the market, Melanie has been collaborating with Kami Goertz on an oversized stuffie that will be on display through the day in the market.  And Jennifer has organized a project called Knitting Albert St.  It will be a good day for Circle and Square as well as for us individually.  Shosanna will be manning the table that day, so please come down and say hi to her.

In other fundraising news we have started an etsy page with the donations that have been made to us.  This allows us to sell to people all over the world, and allows you to access the crafts that have been donated to us at any time, not only when we are at a craft sale!


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