June 22-24, 2012!

With our first annual festival only 3 1/2 months away we wanted to give you more information about this year’s events.

Our vision behind the festival is to celebrate craft and handmade in our province through an inclusive festival created and run by craftspeople.  We’re currently being run by a small collective, and our upcoming festival in June will be our first of this annual weekend of programming.  Our vision is much larger than we can viably partake in during this first year, so we are planning a modest start with hopes of expanding with each year.  Simply, we’d like to celebrate craft and handmade, raise awareness and learn from each other, while including aspects of all types of craft and handmade.  Our weekend of events will include:

* Friday (June 22, 2012) evening we will open the festival with a panel discussion with several handmade artists under the topic “working in the field”.  This will be followed by an opening party and gallery show featuring pieces by local handmade and craft artists.  The gallery will be open all weekend.

* Saturday (June 23, 2012) we will have several workshops and lectures throughout the day.

* Sunday (June 24, 2012) we will have an alternative handmade marketplace.

Please stay tuned for more details on event specifics as we get closer to the festival!  And, please check out our calls for submission, HERE!


2 thoughts on “June 22-24, 2012!

  1. One of the experiences costumers like about buying from an artist is that they can ask her questions and see you and get to know a bit about you. I would not like someone else to sell my creations.

    • Hi Els, thanks for your feedback. We know that this alternative style sale will not appeal to all makers. Although each seller will be selling another craftsperson’s work, each will only be one table over from their own, making it easy for customers to meet all of the craftspeople and get answers to questions that the seller may not be able to answer.

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